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Be the subject of a Minus 5 song!
from the yeproc mailing list:

We've also got a super waycool Minus 5 contest brewing up for you, in honor of the Feb. 7 release of The Minus 5 (a.k.a. The Gun Album). If you know anything about Scott McCaughey, you know we could hardly find a better person for this contest: Join the Minus 5 mailing list between now and March 10 and you could be the subject of a Minus 5 song! That's right, Scott will write a song about you! Stay tuned for more details, but go ahead and sign up for the Minus 5 mailing list now, and you'll get all the particulars as soon as they're particularized, and be eligible for the contest. You can also pre-order the CD now at yeproc.com and you'll get a bonus CD-R with two otherwise unavailable songs.

Posted on 18 Jan 2006
On the road, The Minus 5 tour the US
The Minus 5 will be out to promote their new self-titled album, which is due out on YepRoc records February 7th.
They will start the tour at the Yep Roc Records Showcase during the South by Southwest festival in Austin, and then go through Nashville, Chicago, New York and a lot of other places to end all the way in the south in the Georgia Theatre in Athens.
Posted on 13 Jan 2006
The Gun Album reviewed by 3 imaginary girls
The Minus Five - The Gun Album The Minus Five "The Gun Album" {7.9}

By Chris Estey - threeimaginarygirls.com

The Minus Five is a project of Seattle longtime legend* Scott McCaughey, who you can at times see taking Metro to his local gigs, as I did a couple summers back (when he opened for Jon Langford at the Sunset Tavern). I had no idea that the scruffy dude I was sharing the #15 with had accomplished so much, including playing with the iconic Young Fresh Fellows since 1983, forming The Minus Five a decade later, and recording and touring with REM. More importantly, I didn't really know how great a songwriter he was till I saw him open for Langford and this album is even more convincing of his talents than that wickedly good appearance was.
Posted on 04 Jan 2006
Rock and Roll Pest Control - YFF Seattle review 2 + Setlist
I hope the Young Fresh Fellows are happy. I'm never going to be able to go to another rock show ever again. Nothing I could see would even come close to the amazing rawk show I saw the other night.

First up was Llama. I had high hopes for them, seeing how this was the first Scott Sutherland band I've seen since the Model Rockets broke up. I hate to say it, I wasn't too impressed. The songs were okay, and the playing was good.... I just didn't find 'em all that interesting

Girl Trouble, however, were awesome! I wish we would have picked up their CDs at the club, since they'll be hard to find here in Portland. For awhile there, I thought the lead singer might be Rob Morgan of The Squirrels... but I was wrong. Although I couldn't hear the vocals too well, the onstage antics made the show entertaining. The lead singer began the set fully clothed, and ended the set topless. At one point he had a bag of small toys that he was throwing in the audience. Jason got a small snowman kalidascope. They ended the set with "Walkin' the Dog" ala the Sonics, with the lead singer standing in the audience. Coming back to the stage, he knocked over Jason's water glass, but it was all in the name of rawk.
Posted on 04 Jan 2006
Rock and Roll Pest Control - YFF Seattle review 1
So, last night -- there aren't too many nights where you can say you've seen the Worst Funk Band In The World play for 2 hours straight. But those nights? Those are the best nights.

The first act was LLama, Rusty Willoughby's new band -- I actually dug them quite a bit, despite not really being into Flop. They got a new record out on Book -- I'm thinking I should have picked it up the previous night at the Dial-A-Fight, but whatchagonnado. After that were Girl Trouble, and I have to say I wasn't a fan. But the kids seemed to like them.

But THEN. The FELLOWS. Tad didn't have his wok, but he did have a pipe! And the Caramel obsession from the last night had carried over to hilarious results (Scott falling over and rolling on the floor laughing at Tad; later, Scott asking "Does this even HAVE a punchline?" "NOOOOOO PUNCHLINEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" "Really, 'cause I need some sort of payoff for this." "Nopeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee").
Posted on 01 Jan 2006

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The Minus 5

Young Fresh Fellows

October 29& 30 - Fantastic Dracula Carnival, KU Disco, Benidorm, Spain

Scott McCaughey

Peter Buck

The Baseball Project
Scott McCaughey, Steve Wynn, Peter Buck and Linda Pitmon

Pogues tribute band feat. Scott McCaughey

M. Ward
Scott McCaughey plays in M. Ward's touring band

see M. Ward Tourdates


The Lowe Beats
Nick Lowe tribute band feat. Scott McCaughey, John Ramberg, Jim Sangster and Graham Black

Slow Music
Feat. Bill Rieflin and Peter Buck

The Tripwires
Feat. John Ramberg and Jim Sangster

The Baseball Project / The Minus 5, Redeyed in Austin, Vinyl EP for RSD 2015
Out: 18 April 2015

Minus 5 - Dungeon Golds
Out: Now!

The Tripwires - Get Young
Out: Now

Tuatara - Underworld
Out: Now


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