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How Much About Last Night Do You Remember - YFF, 19August Review
So. The need machine. eh... I said they were like Spinal Tap, minus the funny. Fitz said if it were 1982 they would have been really innovative.

The Paul Lynde Fan Club. There's really only one word: awesome. Actually, say it about 5 times and you'll get the awesomeness that is the Paul Lynde Fan Club. They play in a straightline (dead moon style) with the drummer as the lead singer. They have songs about Diebold, Freaks and Geeks, Yoda, and one called Nuge On (Get Your). It was their CD release party, so we bought the record and tried to convince the band to come to Portland.

The Fellows. Last night marked the first time I ever saw Tad's Wok live. By the end of the night, he had some red marks on his face.

"Little kids bring zucchini and stay all day" is one of the best lines in rock
Posted on 21 Aug 2006
Olé Tarantula, Tracklist
Robyn Hitchock and the Venus 3

1. Adventure Rocket Ship
2. Underground Sun
3. Museum of Sex
4. Belltown Ramble
5. Olé! Tarantula
6. (A Man’s Gotta Know His Limitations) Briggs
7. Red Locust Frenzy
8. ‘Cause It’s Love (Saint Parallelogram)
9. The Authority Box
10. N.Y. Doll

Release dates:

US on October 3 through Yeproc Records [CD & LP]
Europe on October 2 through Proper Records [CD]
Japan on September 13 through Oak Tree Records [CD]

The Japanes record comes with an extra track: Embryo Twirl.
Posted on 15 Aug 2006
Setlists from the Los Lobos Mini Tour
9 August - Woodland Park Zoo Amphitheatre, Seattle, WA

Hillbilly Drummer Girl [Young Fresh Fellows]
In a Lonely Coffin
Out There on the Maroon
I'm Not Bitter
Got You
Hotel Senator
Cigarettes Coffee and Booze
With A Gun
Posted on 12 Aug 2006
Minus 5 set from The Tractor
Some good soul was so kind to tape the Minus 5 show last weekend at the Tractor Tavern in Seattle. You can download the show here. It's a very good audience recording. Please don't make any MP3 version of this recording available for download or sharing.

The John Wesley Harding show from the same night is also recorded, but by John request this can only be shared after the new album comes out(7 new songs were debuted), so we will have to wait till early next year until this recording surfaces.

John Wesley Harding, Robert Lloyd & Minus 5
5 August 2006 - Tractor Tavern, Seattle, WA

01. Top of the Bottom @
02. The People's Drug *
03. In Paradise *
04. The Red Rose and the Briar
05. Sleeper, Awake
06. Do Not Fear the Dark
07. Here Comes the Groom *
08. Save a Little Room For Me *
09. Still Photo *
10. Humble Bee *
11. My Favourite Angel (false start)
12. My Favourite Angel !$
13. Love or Nothing !$
14. Oh! Pandora !$
25. Daylight Ghosts !$
26. Congratulations (On Your Hallucinations) !$
17. Someday, Son !$
18. The End !$
19. Twilight Distillery !^

Wesley Stace (vox, guitar)
* w/ Robert Lloyd (mandolin, accordion, keyboard)
@ w/ Lloyd, Peter Buck (bass, guitar), Scott McCaughey (backup vox, guitar)
! w/ Lloyd, Buck, McCaughey, Kurt Bloch (guitar), Bill Rieflin (skins)
^ w/ John Ramberg (backup vox, guitar)
$ First time played
Posted on 08 Aug 2006
5 August - Tractor Tavern, Seattle Setlist
In A Lonely Coffin
The Forgotten Fridays
Out There on the Maroon
I'm Not Bitter
Cigarettes Coffee and Booze
Hillbilly Drummer Girl [Young Fresh Fellows]
With A Gun
Got You
My Life As A Creep
Courage is the Smallest Bird
Carmelita [Warren Zevon]
Hotel Senator
Lies of the Living Dead
Time Bomb High School [Reigning Sound]
Aw Shit Man
Posted on 06 Aug 2006

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The Minus 5

Young Fresh Fellows

October 29& 30 - Fantastic Dracula Carnival, KU Disco, Benidorm, Spain

Scott McCaughey

Peter Buck

The Baseball Project
Scott McCaughey, Steve Wynn, Peter Buck and Linda Pitmon

Pogues tribute band feat. Scott McCaughey

M. Ward
Scott McCaughey plays in M. Ward's touring band

see M. Ward Tourdates


The Lowe Beats
Nick Lowe tribute band feat. Scott McCaughey, John Ramberg, Jim Sangster and Graham Black

Slow Music
Feat. Bill Rieflin and Peter Buck

The Tripwires
Feat. John Ramberg and Jim Sangster

The Baseball Project / The Minus 5, Redeyed in Austin, Vinyl EP for RSD 2015
Out: 18 April 2015

Minus 5 - Dungeon Golds
Out: Now!

The Tripwires - Get Young
Out: Now

Tuatara - Underworld
Out: Now


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