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A special note from Scott McCaughey about the new Robyn Hitchcock & The Venus 3 live EP!
This is not my first "Live At The Croc" compact disc experience. Who could forget the Minus-5-doing-MC5 "High School" mayhem (for "the kids") from The World of Dr. Illteams collection? Or the Young Fresh Fellows' "John Agar's Revenge" from Bite Back: Live At The Crocodile Cafe? Commander Anderson indeed finds his finger on the Two-Guitars-Bass-&-Drums button and presses it with purposeful confidence, and it sounds like THAT. After Sgt. Major Kurt Bloch jackboots it into hyperdrive with some slapback tube sauce and bootleg Tang crystals...

Scattered amongst the smash hits here rendered is "The Afterlight", a little taste of the next RH & V3 forthcomer. Venus 3 Mach 2 may be swathed in warm wooden tiles, recorded as it was in Robyn and Michèle's front room, under the influence of vast quantities of tea. (We apparently learned nothing about substance abuse from the tragic example set by the Rutles.) By the way, it should be noted that the lyrics to the "The Afterlight" mutate with each voicing, so undoubtedly the album version will end up being a non-redundant sequel of sorts. Bang for your buck, baby!

Scott McCaughey
Portland, 2007
Posted on 23 Feb 2007 by Stoffel
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