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Robyn and the boys in Nottingham
What a fantabulously wonderful night last night, even my husband declared it's one of the best gigs he's been to. It was a bit short as this venue has a strict 10pm curfew as it becomes a nightclub and people were already queuing outside to come in, so they did all the encores in one sitting to save from wasting time in leaving the stage etc. and there were some huddled discussions about what they could fit in with Bill who appeared to be the only one wearing a watch and was giving them sound checks.

When Robyn said they wouldn't be going off etc. the crowd, as one, totally instantaneously started cheering, stamping their feet and shouting "more" as though they had, which made them all guffaw.

They were really in good form, Robyn was highly amusing, enough to have even Peter laughing out loud and doing a lot of eyebrow raising and Scott clutching his stomach, they were all full of smiles and bouncing around as the stage was a big bigger for a small venue. There was one ending where Bill got it wrong at the end, they all turned and laughed at him, Robyn apologized to us and Bill declared that he could do it again and get it right if they wanted and Robyn said maybe later. Then a few songs later they decided that they should, so they did about the last 20 seconds of whatever it was and they all turned towards Bill for the ending and he got it right this time - whatever it was he'd done wrong - to much amusement.

I won't be able to remember the set list, but they did all the ones I hoped they would except Belltown Ramble, I'll think about it some more after coffee etc., I'm a big ragged just yet.

An initial set of photos can be found here.
Posted on 09 Jan 2007 by Stoffel
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