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22 Sept - The Crocodile, Seattle, Wa
The Minus 5 were in fine form, and there was a camera crew on hand to capture their show (along with Kurt, Mary, Jennifer and I bouncing and singing along maniacally) I never did find out who or what they were filming for, but if anyone does, I wouldn't mind seeing it.

I snagged a setlist. It's kind of innacurate order-wise but it's fairly close.

Over the Sea
Aw Shit Man
Rest O World
Where Will U Go
Good Guys
Days Of Wine
Got You
All The Time
Time Bomb

A rip roaring cover of Secret Agent Man squished itself in there somewhere.

I kept quelling an urge to pull out my 'McOi-ish' rayban knock sunglasses, and bounce around like a fool. Thank God for Kurt, he just jumped in front and started bouncing first, so even without the sunglasses we threw ourselves into a silly good time.

Posted on 24 Sep 2006 by Stoffel
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