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How Much About Last Night Do You Remember - YFF, 19August Review
So. The need machine. eh... I said they were like Spinal Tap, minus the funny. Fitz said if it were 1982 they would have been really innovative.

The Paul Lynde Fan Club. There's really only one word: awesome. Actually, say it about 5 times and you'll get the awesomeness that is the Paul Lynde Fan Club. They play in a straightline (dead moon style) with the drummer as the lead singer. They have songs about Diebold, Freaks and Geeks, Yoda, and one called Nuge On (Get Your). It was their CD release party, so we bought the record and tried to convince the band to come to Portland.

The Fellows. Last night marked the first time I ever saw Tad's Wok live. By the end of the night, he had some red marks on his face.

"Little kids bring zucchini and stay all day" is one of the best lines in rock

We've been wanting to hear two guitars forever, and they finally played it in all its face melting glory. Tad kept walking out from being the drums like he was leaving, then would run back FAST and never miss a beat.

Tad is the best drummer in rock n roll.

Dark Corner of the world was a nice surprise. I can't believe they've never played it before. The "Oh Yeah!" chorus is just made for signaling

Tad decided to sing blueberry hill while sitting in a laundry basket. Jim played drums.

Kurt decided to play My Friend Ringo while sitting in the laundry basket and smoking a pipe. This was after Scott sang the beginning of the song standing in the laundry basket and smoking a pipe. Jim had trouble getting his pipe out of the package. Tad just enjoyed his pipe.

Motorbroke? Awesome.

Taco Wagon actually had a false ending. Scott made tad play his drum solo again, but decided the first time Tad played a solo it was the best.

YFF theme? Even more awesome.

Hang On Sloopy was hilarious. Tad played while standing on his drum set. Scott went on and on about little Doritos flavored crackers. I almost choked on my water.

Someone requested Miss Lonelyhearts during the encore. Scott played a second or two, but didn’t finish. He said the song would suck ass. That it would suck ass inside and out, in fact. Thus prompting Kurt to say, “It’ll suck your ass through a crazy straw”

Tad decided it would be a really good idea to tie a large rubber band to his hi-hat stand and the other half to his shoe. I think the idea was that he would knock over his hi-hat and then be able to pull it back into a standing position using his shoe. He tried, and tried, and tried, but the hi-hat kept falling onto the floor. Prompting Kurt to say, “If this doesn’t get better soon, I’m going to get back in the laundry basket.”

I think we should have been able to crowd surf the laundry basket.

Great night, great show, and an amazing band. Can’t wait till they play again


Rock N Roll Pest Control
Get Outta My Cave
She Sees Color
**New song** (the chorus is either "Aw, kitchens," "Aw, kittens," or "Aw, bitches" who knows?)
Two Guitars, Bass, and Drums
I Wonder What She's Doin' Tonight
Ambiguity Song
Lonely's Spartanburg Flower Stall
How Much About Last Night Do You Remember
Hillbilly Drummer Girl
Dark Corner Of The World
Blueberry Hill
Why I Oughta
My Friend Ringo
They Don't Care
Taco Wagon
Picture Book
Topsy Turvy Theme
Young Fresh Fellows Theme
Hang On Sloopy
No One Really Knows
I Don't Let The Little Things Get Me Down
Backroom of the Bar

Almost played, but they didn't get very far:
She's A Book
Miss Lonely Hearts
Sometimes I Wantcha For Your Money

-Jane Mcdonald
Posted on 21 Aug 2006 by Stoffel
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