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Dingwalls and Colchester review
My sister and I arrived back early this morning from Colchester. We finally got see, not one, but two Minus 5 shows. Our first ones and we had a wonderful time - the shows were fabulous.

Picture by Gordo

Because we were staying over, we managed to have a few drinks, well a lot of drinks actually, at the Dingwalls show. The set list included Ghost Tarts of Stockholm, The Town that Lost It's Groove Supply, Hotel Senator, My Retrival of you, Rifle Called Goodbye, In a Lonely Coffin, Out There on the Maroon, I'm Not Bitter (my favourite), My Life as a Creep, With a Gun, Courage is the Smallest Bird, Where Will You Go, Dear My Inspiration, You Don't Mean It, All the Time, Mary Lou, Lies of the Living Dead, Days of Wine and Booze, Aw Shit Man - and Teenage Kicks was indeed played too at some point.

The following day we drove to Colchester and, nursing a monster of a hangover, had a sleep in the park like a couple of old drunks. The venue was an old church. The guys played a similar set to last night, they played Gigolo and it was really familar - I just remembered it was on the Anything LP from The Damned many moons ago. Scott also explained that My Retrival of You was about someone being kidnapped which I hadn't realised before - it's obvious now I listen to it!

It was great to see John Ramberg on the stage with the guys. We've really enjoyed the Robyn shows, but to hear our favourite Minus 5 songs live was the best. All the people we knew there had a wonderful time, wish there were more than two of them though.

We drove back from Colchester just in time to swap over with my husband so he could get to work and I could get the kids off to school. Am I getting too old for all this?.... nahhh Very Happy

You can see more of Gordo's pictures of the dingwalls gig over at Flickr.
Posted on 12 Jul 2006 by Stoffel
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