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Robyn Hitchcock & The Minus 3 - Wireless Festival 25 June - Review
I went to the Wireless Festival in Leeds yesterday - predominantly to see the boys and my husband was keen to see The Who.

We had a fabulous day, the boys were on the second stage which was inside a big marquee, but the sound and lighting looked rather better than the main stage. We could see them setting up at the side of the stage when previous bands were on and Bill was setting up his own drum kit, then Scott and Peter were wandering in and out of the tent and onto the stage etc. and they watched Bob Mould from the side of the stage.

I can't possibly remember the set list, hopefully someone with a better memory for such things can post it. The ones I know for certain were:

Ole Tarantula
Adventure Rocket Ship
Sally Was A Legend
Beautiful Queen
Queen Of Eyes
Creeped Out

They looked like they were having fun and certainly had more room for moving about than they did on the tiny stage I saw them on in Manchester in January - so we got more posturing from Peter and general movement from all of them. Morris was with them on vocals, which I don't think he was in London on Thursday. I managed a quick hello with Robyn and Peter after the set, they just came out and walked through the site, off in the direction of the main stage I think.
Posted on 26 Jun 2006 by Stoffel
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