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Portland Review
Mississippi Studios is a cool place. Think about seeing a concert in your living room with about 100 of your friends. Its got a very small stage and an eclectic mix of theater chairs, benches, church pews, and bar stools. PBR is just two dollars and out in the backyard they show popeye cartoons on the side of the building next door.

I had never heard of Wreckless Eric except for one song (Whole Wide World) and that song I only knew as a cover (the bigger lovers did it) So I really had no idea what I was going to see when I got there. I mostly going to see Scott & John... and then it was mostly because I thought John would be doing songs from him forthcoming album.

Scott & John took the stage after the owner of Mississippi Studios introduced Scott as "Chuck Barris' Sidekick." Someone told me he did a song with Chuck Barris at the LiveWire radio show last weekend. Scott was very chatty but didn't know where to being. So John started the show with "little black egg." Scott decided that "The Rest Of The World" would be next and introduced it as the song he wrote with Peter Buck, who wasn't with them right now, but was with them in spirit.

Scott decided to do Out There On The Maroon next and John immediately began I'm Not Bitter. Scott said this is what is known as a medly, but he'd already screwed it up.

Got You and Cigarettes, Coffee, and Booze were next. Still riding high on his Chuck Barris encounter from the weekend, Scott decided to do Pallisades Park next, which was great. He decided to stick with the theme of 1962 and did Teenage Idol by Ricky Nelson.

The Days of Wine and Booze was very pretty that night. Scott said it was about how he hoped he could live to be really old and still drink. With A Gun was dedicated to a friend, and Aw shit man Finished out the set.

It was a nice little set, my only complaint was that John didn't do any of his songs.

Wreckless Eric reminds me a little of Robyn Hitchcock. Maybe its the accent, but he tends to tell long rambling stories about living in the south of france (nothing about undergound hollywood or bee people though). So he played for awhile and I could dig what he was laying down. Scott and John joined him for some songs and that was good too. What I really enjoyed about his set was watching how much Scott & John were enjoying themselves playing with him. Scott even played his Farfisa organ for a few songs

Wreckless Eric decided to play Twilight Distillery. After which Scott said "Wreckless Eric is now in the Minus 5, all you have to do is play one song and you're in."

Overall, it was a very good show.

Little Black Egg
The Rest Of The World
Out There On The Maroon
I'm Not Bitter
Got You
Cigarettes, Coffee, and Booze
Pallisades Park
Teenage Idol
The Days Of Wine and Booze
With A Gun
Aw Shit, Man
Twilight Distillery (with Wreckless Eric)
Posted on 29 Apr 2006 by Stoffel
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