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29 March 2006 - World Café Live, Philadelphia, PA Setlist
1. Ghost Tarts Of Stockholm
2. The Town That Lost It's Groove Supply
3. Out There On The Maroon
4. I'm Not Bitter
5. Hotel Senator
6. Twilight Distillery
7. Retrieval Of You
8. Courage Is The Smallest Bird
9. The Night Chicago Died Again
10. Rifle Called Goodbye
11. The Kids Are Alright (The Who)
12. My Life As A Creep
13. Got You
14. Mary Lou (Ronnie Hawkins)
15. Hillbilly Drummer Girl (Young Fresh Fellows)
16. Lyrical Stance
17. With A Gun
18. Dear My Inspiration
19. The Days Of Wine And Booze
20. Lies Of The Living Dead
21. Aw Shit Man
22. Time Bomb High School (Reigning Sound)
23. Teenage Kicks (Undertones)
24. Cigarettes Coffee And Booze
25. Circle Sky (The Monkees)
26. Give It To The Soft Boys (Soft Boys)
27. In A Lonely Coffin
28. Don't Look Back (The Remains)
29. I Still Miss Someone (Johnny Cash)
Thanks to Bob for sending the setlist in
Posted on 31 Mar 2006 by Stoffel
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