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25 February - Key Club, Los Angeles, CA
I was fortunate enough to catch The Minus Five w/Robyn Hitchcock at The Key Club in Los Angeles last night. After a one-half hour set by an acoustic soloist from Ireland called Shane, Mssrs. McOi, Buck, Rieflin, and Ramberg hit the stage full-throddle. I don't have a complete set list, but many songs from the new album, "The Minus Five (a.k.a. The Gun Album)" were delightfully represented, including the rowdy set-closer 'Aw Shit Man'. Other songs I remember off the top of my head were 'The Days of Wine & Booze,' and 'Lyrical Stance'. They also did a cover of a song by the punkabilly band, The Cramps: 'Strychnine'.(Editors note: actualy it's a song by the Sonics) Lux Interior and Poison Ivy would have been proud. After The Minus Five's initial set, Robyn Hitchcock performed a short acoustic segment, then Scott (on bass), Grant Lee Phillips (special suprise guest on guitar), Peter (on guitar), and Bill (drums) joined Robyn for a dedication to George Harrison, as it was Harrison's birthday, performing 'Long Long Long' from The Beatles' "White Album". The Minus Five (w/o Ramberg) remained on stage with Hitchcock the rest of the evening, performing well after midnight. It was a flawwless show. I only wish someone recorded it. (Maybe somebody did! ;<) )
at the encore they also played "Beware Of Darkness" (George Harrison song), "Eight Miles High" (Byrds cover), and "I Want To Destroy You".
-Vincent Redman

Dear My Inspiration
Lyrical Stance
My Life as A Creep
Hotel Senator
1000 Years Away
Out There on the Maroon
Got You
In A Lonely Coffin
Mary Lou
Where WIll You Go
Twilight Distillery
Days of Wine and Booze
With A Gun
Lies of the Living Dead
Aw Shit Man
Cigarettes Coffee and Booze (with Robyn)
Posted on 26 Feb 2006 by Stoffel
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