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Rock and Roll Pest Control - YFF Seattle review 2 + Setlist
I hope the Young Fresh Fellows are happy. I'm never going to be able to go to another rock show ever again. Nothing I could see would even come close to the amazing rawk show I saw the other night.

First up was Llama. I had high hopes for them, seeing how this was the first Scott Sutherland band I've seen since the Model Rockets broke up. I hate to say it, I wasn't too impressed. The songs were okay, and the playing was good.... I just didn't find 'em all that interesting

Girl Trouble, however, were awesome! I wish we would have picked up their CDs at the club, since they'll be hard to find here in Portland. For awhile there, I thought the lead singer might be Rob Morgan of The Squirrels... but I was wrong. Although I couldn't hear the vocals too well, the onstage antics made the show entertaining. The lead singer began the set fully clothed, and ended the set topless. At one point he had a bag of small toys that he was throwing in the audience. Jason got a small snowman kalidascope. They ended the set with "Walkin' the Dog" ala the Sonics, with the lead singer standing in the audience. Coming back to the stage, he knocked over Jason's water glass, but it was all in the name of rawk.

Then... The fellows! What can I say? They hit the stage with the energy of a band half their age. I marvelled at Tad's drumming skills... the fact that he can still keep a beat, and keep it well, and keep it interesting... when he's pretending that he has flippers. Jimmy Sangster has two dance moves: the Power Stance and the Back and Forth Jumping Jack. And I wonder how many guitars Kurt Bloch has destroyed in his time... and Scott, I think the days of the sunglasses may be over, but he's still just as good.

Rock N Roll Pest Control began the set, followd by Beer Money (a real crowd pleaser), a moment of Tobacco Road ("I was born, now I'm dead, All my clothes are hangin in the bank"). Sittin' on A Pitchfork was another crowd pleaser, and of course Taco Wagon. Somewhere in here, Tad began talking about how he ate too much Caramel over Christmas. Picture Book was really cool, given my recent Kinks binge. Scott introduced the next song by saying "the only thing you have to know about Barky's is that they mail Anywhere." And they played Barky's Spiritual Store. Afterward, Tad asked if they'd mail Caramels, and if those were Christian Caramels. Scott told him that in Portland there was a store that sold nothing but Christian Caramels. They thought it would be a flop... but the store is doing really well.

How Much About Last Night Do You Remember was next. Followed by I Wish I Was Your Mother which was just amazing. Scott introduced Your Mexican Resturant by saying it was a new song. At the end, he mentioned that he wrote a song about a Mexican Resturant and sang it in a British accent. He said he had the worst British accent ever, except for John Wesley Harding. "He's from Hasting! Right!" to which Kurt said "yeah, hastings oregon". She Sees Color was followed by She Won't Budge.

Somewhere in here someone in the audience yelled for the "battle of new orleans" so the band played a few lines of that song, realizing that no one knew it past the opening lines.

John Ramberg joined the band on accoustic guitar along about here. It was really cool to see him looking at Kurt with a "how's he doing that???" look on his face during My Friend Ringo. Tad began the next song too fast, which prompted Scott to say "Woah there cannonball" then wonder why he called Tad "Cannonball." Hang out Right was next (one of my favorites) followed by the Jimmy Silva song Christ In A Dress. When the girls get here was fun. At the end, Kurt played part of Smoke On The Water which was really fun. Tad stopped the band to comment on how "deep purple" john was.

The new song "The Least Talented Man In Showbusiness" was followed by I Wonder What She's Doing Tonight, and then Elvis Costello's Radio Radio. I Don't Let The Little Things Get Me Down was awesome, and Zipadee Doo Dah was really cool, and unexpected. You've Got Your Head On Backwards, Have Love Will Travel (as started by Jim) and The Topsy Tuvy Theme rounded out the end of the set.

The first encore began with Jim saying "We've neglected one form of music tonight" and the band talked about playing a song called "Liquor Barn Boogie" in fact, it was written on one of the setlists. Scott said something about "Songs are great for bands, but you're dealing with the Young Fresh Fellows now." They did no particular place to go and backroom of the bar, and no one really knows.

Despite my request for Two Guitars Bass and Drums, the band decided to play Teenage Dogs In Trouble. Somewhere in here they took another break and I said "I don't know if I can handle another encore" in a good way.

I got my Mojo Workin', Born to Be Wild, and Your Truth, Our Lies ended the night. I managed to snag a setlist (which I'll scan), buy a copy of Beans and Tolerance, get a demo disc of the new chris and tad album, adn get tad to draw me a picture of a bunny.

I can't wait for the next show
-Jane Mcdonald

Rock N Roll Pest Control
Beer Money
Tobacco Road
Sittin' On A Pitchfork
Taco Wagon
Picture Book
Barky's Spiritual Store
How Much About Last Night Do You Remember
I Wish I Was Your Mother
Your Mexican Resturant
She Sees Color
She Won't Budge
My Friend Ringo
Hang Out Right
Christ In A Dress
When The Girls Get Here
Smoke On The Water
Least Talented Man In Showbusiness
I Wonder What She's Doing Tonight
Radio, Radio
I Don't Let The Little Things Get Me Down
Zipadee Do Dah
You Got Your Head On Backwards
Have Love Will Travel
Topsy Turvy Theme

Liquor Barn Boogie
No Particular Place to Go
Backroom Of The Bar
No One Really Knows
Teenage Dogs in Trouble
I Got My Mojo Workin
Born To Be Wild
Your Truth Our Lies
Posted on 04 Jan 2006 by Stoffel
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