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Book Records "Dial-A-Fight!" review
I went to the Book Records Dial-A-Fight last night and it was pretty awesome. I ended up having to leave early (I go to work early in the morning, so...), but I DID get to see the Fellows. It was a real short set, about 15 minutes (after all, there were like 80 zillion bands), and right after the Chris & Tad show (which I came a little late to -- didn't realize they were STARTING at 9pm, though it was doors at 9...), which was pretty loose, fun, and awesome.
John Ramberg was playing with the Fellows that night -- which makes me wonder if he'll be there tonight, too?
The songs, from memory:
Fair Exchange

Kate Of The Human Race

(I think I'm forgetting one here)

Telephone Tree

Partytown USA

I'm pretty sure all the songs were Jimmy Silva songs, as Scott kept saying "Jimmy Silva" (that was the bulk of the banter, really), and the two released songs were written by (in the case of Telephone Tree) and/or co-written (Partytown USA) by Silva and Scott.
The songs were all really good (Especially partial to Kate Of The Human Race, which I hadn't heard before), and you should have seen the way the crowd EXPLODED when they went into "Telephone Tree".
Someone else who was there might be able to better remember the set-list, but yeah -- it was an aweome, but short, set -- a great appetizer for tonight's main event.
- Rev. Syung Myung Me
Posted on 04 Jan 2006 by Stoffel
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