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New Young Fresh Fellows song on upcoming kids compilation

Story by: Jessica Suarez | CMJ:New Music First

If you're wondering what to give the third-grade-bound indie rocker in your family, DeSoto Records will be releasing a compilation of children's music by the summer of 2006, perfect for all the hipster eight-year-olds you'll offend this year with your Kidzbop stocking stuffers. Kim Coletta, DeSoto Records co-founder (and ex-member of Jawbox) announced on the DeSoto site that the label will release a compilation of child-friendly songs sometime in Summer 2006.
The still-untitled record is based around the theme of "play," and so far features tracks from Young Fresh Fellows, Mudhoney, Supersuckers, Mirah, Mary Timony and Catfish Haven (And Kurt Bloch's band Sgt. Major). Give it to your kids because they're so cute when they're young 'n jaded, and so not cute once they turn 24, move to Williamsburg, grow too much beard and start barefoot dancin' to the next-next-next folk movement.


Posted on 23 Dec 2005 by Stoffel
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