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Red Locust Frenzy Debut In London
Great Show, Scott and Robyn came out with their acoustic guitars, Scott was wearing some orange trousers and a black shirt, regular glasses and his Russian hat, Robyn had a nice flashy shirt on, brightened up the stage. They started "The Red Locust Frenzy " gig with a cover of Dylan's "Odds and Ends" sung by Robyn. Scott was up next on lead for a great version of the Young Fresh Fellows song, "Mamie Dunn, Employee
of the Month" and then launched straight into a beautiful version of "The
Days of Wine and Booze."

After that they took turns at the microphone, Robyn played "Chinese Bone"
and then back to Scott, who played a new song of the forthcoming album,
Cigarettes, Coffee and Booze, after which he said he has to start smoking
before the new album comes out. "Ole Tarantula" was up next, a song about
where babies come from according to Robyn who then dedicated it to the Pope.
Then Scott played his favourite song, a very moving version of "I Still Miss
Someone” by Johnny Cash. “Viva Sea-Tac!”, from Robyn's album 'Jewels For
Sophia’ is, according to Robyn, a song about where Scott comes from, and it
was well received by the crowd. Scott played another new song, the already
classic "Aw, Shit Man". After that someone from the crowed yelled for
Higsons, so Robyn granted that request, and "Listening To The Higsons" was
played, unrehearsed, but sounded very well.

"Dear Employer (The Reason I Quit)" a song from the ‘Down With Wilco’ album
went down well with the crowd mainly consisting of Wilco fans. Last song was
done by Robyn who played "Queen Of Eyes".

Definitely a great show, and was glad I made the trip to London for it,
think Scott and Robyn work well as a duo on stage.

Too bad the show only lasted for about 45 minutes, would love to see them
play for a bit longer and maybe in a much smaller venue.


22 November - Shepherd's Bush Empire, London, England

"Red Locust Frenzy"

01.Odds And Ends (Bob Dylan)

02.Mamie Dunn, Employee Of The Month (Young Fresh Fellows)

03.The Days Of Wine And Booze (Minus 5)

04.Chinese Bones (Robyn Hitchcock)

05.Cigarettes, Coffee and Booze (Minus 5)

06.Olé Tarantula (Robyn Hitchcock)

07.I Still Miss Someone (Johnny Cash)

08.Viva Sea Tac (Robyn Hitchcock)

09.Aw, Shit Man! (Minus 5)

10.Listening To The Higsons (Robyn Hitchcock)

11.Dear Employer(The Reason I Quit) (Minus 5)

12.Queen Of Eyes (Soft Boys)

This show was taped by Mathijs who already put it up on

. Mathijs also recorde the last 3 spanish gig, more info
on that

c a d b
Posted on 24 Nov 2005 by Stoffel
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