The Reason I Quit (Dear Employer)

Availble on: I Don't Know Who I Am (Let the War Against Music Vol.2)
Written by: McCaughey/Fisher
Dear employer
I'd like to tell you
That It's been wonderful
These last few years

But now you know
I've got a new shoe
And I'll be wearing it
So far from here

Dear employer
Your escalators
Are very dangerous
On the way down

They pinch the skin
And they pull you in
Spit out the bony bits
On legal ground

Dear employer
I heard a story
When you were just knee-high
Higher than I

You built the wings
The propeller too
With balsa wood and glue
You learned to fly

Dear employer
You commanded me
Your commendations now
Don't mean as much

I'm a lost cause
Causing a problem
But I promise to
Be way out of touch

Dear employer
When you hear the news
Please save the saintly words
For saintly souls

I'll be long gone
Long gone and rotting
Long gone and ulcerous
Nothing I'm told