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Minus 5 - YFF

www.minus5.com - Official site

www.heytad.com - Tad Hutchison's homepage, features his drawings and paintings

www.youngfreshfellows.com - Site about the 'This Ones For The Fellows' a sonic Salute CD, has some interesting pictures and a guestbook.

thefamilygun.com - YFF and Minus 5 discography, interesting, altough there is no additional information on what is on the releases

Rent The Sky Films - Independent film company who made videos for Emperor Of The Bathroom and 'The Town That Lost It's roove Supply' (which can be downloaded fromt eh site)

Label Sites

Yep Roc Records - Current label of The Minus 5 (USA)

Cooking Vinyl - Label on which the 'down with wilco' album was released (Europe)

Return To Sender - Label on which the 'i don't know who i am' album was released

Book Records - Seatlle bassed label, that released the original 'the minus 5 in  rock' album

Hello Recording Club - Defunct Label that released the first 'minus 5' EP

Glitter House - German mailorder label, who pressed the european version of 'Old Liquidator'

Scott related projects, side memebers etc..
www.remhq.com - Homepage of R.E.M., band of Minus 5 colaborator Peter Buck, Scott is an extra guitaris for this band

www.wilcoworld.net - Homepage of the band Wilco

www.kenstringfellow.com - Homepage of sometime Minus 5 member Ken Stringfellow

www.theposies.net - Ken Stringfellow's band

www.firstworldmusic.com - label of drummer Bill Rieflin, aslo home of the Bill Rieflin diary

www.slowmusicproject.com - New musical project of Bill Rieflin, which aslo features Peter Buck

www.thetripwires.com - New band of John Ramberg which include Jim Sangster from the Young Fresh Fellows, Johnny Sangster and Mark Pickerel

www.kexp.org - Seattle bassed radio, Scott swings by the studio atleast once a year, has an interesting audio archive(search for Scott McCaughey, Minus 5, Tuatara, Boomtown Cafe benifit, etc...)

New Original Sonic Sound Tourbook - Tour diary from The New Strychnines, a band that includes Scott McCaughey and members of Mudhoney

www.thecrocodile.com - Site from the Crocodile Cafe, Home of many The Minus 5 gigs.

www.johnwesleyharding.com - Site of JWH, good friend of Scott, they appear on each others records, and Scott went on month long tour with him in July 2004

www.robynhitchcock.com - sometime Minus 5 collaborator, and scott will often be onstage whit Robyn when he is in the Seattle/Portland Area

www.thebambimolesters.com - Site of Croatian Surfband The Bambi Molesters, who also formed the band The Strange, with whom Scott has toured Croatia with.

www.mikemillsfan.com - Fan Site about Mike Mills, sometime member of the Minus 5 & baseball project..


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