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Gleich Jetzt

Front Cover

Back Cover

Japan only release, comes with a bio in Japanese.
Licensed from Frontier records, P.O. BOX 22, Sun Valley, CA 91353, USA
Many other fine YFF recordings availble from Frontier, and also from Popllama Productsn P.O. BOX 95364, Seattle, WA. 98145-2354, USA
All versions previously unreleased except:
"Rotation" from Maiden Canada 7" EP (Lance Rock, CANADA)
"Heaven And Hell" from flexidisc in Submerge Fanzine (U.K.)
"Little Trip" and "On Your Hands" 7" single (Screaming Apple, GERMANY)
"Zip..." and "Skyscraper" from free 7" with Electric Bird Digest' LP (Frintier, USA)

Songs by Scott McCaughey (MacNor music, BMI, adm. by Bug Music), except
1. Silva/McCaughey (Bughunter/MacNor); 4. J.Entwhistle (Essex music, ASCAP); 6. C.Berry (Isalee music BMI); 8. Shandells (Copyright Control); 11. K.Bloch (Energy House BMI); 12. trad., arranged by M.Hurley/McCaughey; 15. Norge/Schrag (Zuckertune ASCAP); 16. Gilbert/Wrubel (Sun music).

SCOTT vocals guitar piano
KURT guitar backing vocals related duties
JIM bass lead vocals("Gorilla") guitar ("Miniskirt")
TAD drums backing vocals
and featuring: EVAN JOHNS lead guitar ("Miniskirt")

All tracks recorded at EGG studio, Seattle, WA., 1990-1992, produced by the Young Fresh Fellows and Conrad Uno, except 13. & 16. recorded at Smart studio, Madison Wisconsin, March 1991, Produced by Butch Vig; 14. recorded at Reciprocal, Seattle WA, 1989 produced by Conrad Uno and Young Fresh Fellows

1+2 Records
601 Gloria Hatsuho-Shinjuku, 7-6-5 Nishi-shinjuku,
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo.
CALL 03-3363-4730 FAX 03-3361-5169

Artist:   The Young Fresh Fellows
Label:   1+2 records
Number:   CD 028
Release Date:   1993
Producer:   Young fresh Fellows, Conrad Uno, Butch Vig
Format:   CD

 1. Party Town U.S.A.
2.   I Got My Mojo Workin' (and i thought you'd like to know)
3.   Down By The Pharmacy
4.   Heaven And Hell
5.   You Call That Lonely
6.   I Want To Be Your Driver
7.   Rotation
8.   Go Go Gorilla
9.   Stinkin' Drunk
10.   Little Trip To Heaven on the wings of a boar
11.   On Your Hands
12.   Grand Canyon Line
 13.   Skyscraper Of Facts
14.   Miniskirt
15.   In A Furniture Warehouse
16.   Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah
 17.   Topsy Turvy Theme