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Thanks to the following people and sites for helping me on this:

Jane McDonald Discography and Setlists (huge thanks goes out to her, for scaning her albums and 7"s of The Minus 5 and Young Fresh Fellows.), posters scans
Darryl White Setlists
Eric Zimmerman Review
Dunja Ilona Wittwer Translated interview from german, Lyrics, Discography, Insperartion
Ole Skjefte Minus 5/Young fresh Fellows Discography, Setlists
Lesley Gayner Lyrics
Pascal "the unafraid" Discography
Misty Shock Setlists
Jacob Levy Lyrics
Matthijs Van Gelderen News
Neil(Mr. Sophistication) Setlists + info
Erik Rosenow Setlist + info
John Fossitt Setlists
Flex Young Fresh Fellows Discography
Frank Branda Scans + info of YFF Singles
Rev. Syung Myung Me Scans + info of YFF records. YFF videos
Frank "DocSharpie" Lyrics for My Chartreuse Opinion, Review
Barbara Morrison Review
Steve Reynolds Review and setlist
Chris Castaneda Interview/Review, Lyrics
Sean D Charlesworth Transcribed Young Fresh Fellows Lyrics
Christophe Claessens 2003-2004.